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Luis Munana and the creative dream

Are you a dreamer? Got an idea of how to bring your Big, Hairy, Audacious Dreams to life? The best way to learn is by taking notes from big dreamers like Namibian media maven, Luis Munana.

A straight-A student throughout school, Luis initially wanted to become a Chartered Accountant.
In his own words, he was a nerd who thought that he’d end up working in an office one day.

After getting his Accounting Degree though, he didn’t immediately get a job so he kept himself busy by working as a waiter. He also took up modelling to make ends meet and that’s when he was first introduced to the world of media. This gave way to a new dream – to one day work in
media – be it behind or in front of the camera.

Years later, Luis has made a name for himself as a creative entrepreneur. He has overcome many challenges throughout his career and today, he is a successful model, the proud owner of Namibia’s children’s animated production, Waka Waka Moo and he even made the 2019 Forbes top 30 under 30 list .

Luis Munana
Luis Munana’s ‘Waka Waka Moo’ TV show is Namibia’s very first animated series. It has aired not only in Namibia but also in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Luis’ tips for succeeding as a creative entrepreneur:

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