#TeamGraduate's main mission is to inspire a learning culture in Namibia and open the minds of our youth to recognise their potential to accomplish their goals.

We want the learners to feel supported, guided and cared for and to open their eyes up to the opportunities beyond high school. We also want you to to be an inspiration to our kids.

#TGMotivate Series Dream - Plan -Do

Luis Munana

Luis Munana and the creative dream

Are you a dreamer? Got an idea of how to bring your Big, Hairy, Audacious Dreams to life? The
best way to learn is by taking notes from big dreamers like Namibian media maven, Luis

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PART 1: Dream Exercise

Fun things you can do today to help you get started!
1. The ‘Average Perfect Day’ Exercise
2. The ‘One Year from Now’ Exercise
3. The Visualization Exercise

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Share your story with us BIG or small:

Are you the first person to graduate university in your family?

Have you fought mental or physical battles to get you to where you are?

Are you an A star student that wants to encourage everyone to do the same?

Did you ever fight anything ever? Or do you just have a message to keep the youth going?

Tell us your story and we may share it on our platform and Tag you! You could inspire the next…well you! 🙂

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